Art you can have a cuppa in: Yorkshire Sculpture Park's Weston visitor centre

The enigmatic new gallery building, housing a hidden labyrinth of unfired bricks under Weetabixy ceilings, is opening with a show inviting visitors to wrestle

Nestled in a bowl in the rolling landscape of Yorkshire Sculpture Park stands a rugged brown wall, its gnarled sedimentary layers of gravel-flecked matter giving it the look of a great slice of earth hoisted freshly out of the ground. Emerging from a grassy slope, the monolithic slab runs for 50 metres with only a single break, where the presence of a glazed doorframe is the one telltale sign that this is not another piece of land art, but a habitable building. And an exquisitely made one at that.

“The question was whether it was going to be part of the landscape, or an object seen in the round,” says architect Fergus Feilden, one half of Feilden Fowles, the young practice responsible for the sculpture park’s new £3.6m Weston visitor centre. Their answer is that it’s both at once. From the car park, the building reads as a long enigmatic mass, a fissure in the landscape. But enter through the slot in the wall, and you find an expansive light-washed room, a warm timber-framed world where a long, slightly inward-curving glass wall frames a stunning view of the landscape, with tree-lined hills and sculpture-dotted meadows sloping down to a lake in the distance.

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