Blind student dragged from Oxford Union chamber 'by his ankles'

Ghanaian postgraduate student left feeling ‘unwelcome in the union, Oxford and the country’

The Oxford Union has been heavily criticised after a blind student was reportedly “dragged by his ankles” out of a debating chamber, leading to calls for the union president to resign.

The incident, which was caught on video and described by the Oxford University Africa Society (OUAS) as “violent, unjust, inhumane and shameful”, left the student feeling “unwelcome in the union, Oxford and even the country”.

An “unreserved” apology to Azamati from both the union and the president

The cancellation of Azamati’s ban and a reinstatement of his union membership

“Adequate” punishment of “the security personnel who assaulted” Azamati

Compensation for Azamati.

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