Glen Newey obituary

My friend, former student and colleague Glen Newey, who has died aged 56 as a result of a boating accident, was one of the most interesting political philosophers of his generation. He was best known for his work on toleration, about which he wrote two seminal books, Virtue, Reason, and Toleration (1999) and Toleration in Political Conflict (2013), and on political morality, being an early progenitor in his book After Politics (2001) of the “realist turn” in political theory.

He also wrote a brilliant guide to Hobbes’s Leviathan and numerous, diverse articles on contemporary political philosophy. Glen was “oppositional” by nature, and most comfortable engaging in invariably penetrating critiques, especially of current liberal political theory. Where he stood, however, could be less easy to pin down, partly because he was more interested in understanding and analysing the complexities and tensions inherent in politics than in telling people what they should do.

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