Here's what to ask yourself before taking a master's degree

Not sure whether the postgrad life is for you? Answer these five questions

When it comes to considering a master’s degree, the decision can be as daunting as the course itself. There’s a lot to think about. How will it benefit you in the future? What kind of course should you be looking to do? If you’re undecided about what your next move should be, answering these five questions might help.

Will a master’s make me more employable?
Many large organisations now require graduates with specialist interests. In some fields a master’s can also help to build a network of contacts from your alumni base, colleagues and peers. “That in itself is going to make you more employable long-term,” says Eli Bohemond, a career coach with Seven Career Coaching. But while an master’s does boost employability, students should think about the value of work experience. “If you don’t know how to sell yourself after receiving that master’s and you still don’t have practical experience … you’re kind of shooting yourself in the foot,” says Bohemond.

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