Housing policy and the big shrink | Letters

The so-called regeneration exercises by London boroughs are not only causing social cleansing, they are shrinking homes, writes Kate Macintosh. Plus Paul Nicolson says MP landlords should withdraw from debates and votes on housing and land

Your editorial (Britons will live in shoe boxes unless we resurrect housing standards, 11 April) is timely. That we have the lowest space standards in Europe was identified in an RIBA report, “Making Space”, published four years ago.

This was not always the case. The 1961 Parker Morris Report, “Home for Today and Tomorrow” published under a Conservative government, set what were then minimum space standards which were voluntarily adopted by all the London boroughs, when the main responsibility for the provision of public housing was transferred to them from the LCC in 1964 before the standards became mandatory. They were abolished by Thatcher in 1983, since when the big shrink set in.

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