I lost my job for warning university bosses about grade inflation | Anonymous academic

When I raised concerns that students were receiving good grades for low quality work, senior staff were hostile

There’s a widespread view that the university system has become soft, and that the qualifications it offers have become easier to gain. Universities say that improved grades reflect an improvement in teaching quality, not falling standards. For those of us who work in universities, we know which interpretation is correct.

I am an experienced lecturer and external examiner, but was forced to leave a teaching position for drawing attention to the low quality of student work and the high grades it received. My attempts to highlight grade inflation to my peers were met with indifference and exasperation, but, ultimately, an acceptance that standards had fallen. From senior colleagues, however, I met outright hostility, denial and dismissal. Talking to colleagues at other universities suggests I am far from alone, with stories of resignations under threat and no-fault dismissals with pay-outs not uncommon.

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