I'm moving to a less prestigious university – and I'm thrilled | Anonymous academic

I’ve experienced colleagues’ snobbishness towards newer universities, but they can offer better, more fulfilling careers

I can already picture the twitch of my colleagues’ raised eyebrows, quivering behind a smokescreen of congratulation. They will ask a rhetorical question such as “what will your teaching load be like?”, because everyone knows that early-career academics taking up a first lectureship in a post-1992 university are burdened with heavy lecturing loads, with no time for developing research or other scholarly activities.

I have studied and worked in some of the UK’s top universities and am more than aware of a strong prejudice against post-1992 universities. I’ve seen this in the disdainful attitudes towards non-Russell Group institutions and those who choose to leave “pure” academic careers.

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Teaching in a university with a diverse range of students gives me a chance to inspire a variety of future professionals

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