Infinity pools atop skyscrapers while people sleep on the streets below: isn’t it time to rethink our priorities? | Adrian Chiles

Great minds and wealth are spent on creating playthings for the rich – from rooftop infinity pools to display cases for cars. What on earth are we playing at?

On my way to work in Salford, I take the train to Manchester Piccadilly. From there I stretch my legs with a walk to Piccadilly Gardens. You have to be nimble of foot on that route, slaloming past the dispossessed: the addicted; the rough sleepers.

I get the tram to work at Media City and prepare for my radio programme. A news item pops up on the little monitor next to my computer. There is an aerial shot of an infinity pool atop a skyscraper in London. Its four sides are all flush with the edges of the building. One question begged: how do you get into the pool – a helicopter drop?

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