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Despite what I thought was a healthy interest in the arts, I’ve only managed to see one of the top 10 buildings of the century, none of the top 10 artworks (G2, 17 September) and none of the plays or dance performances (G2, 18 September). I have only heard, to my knowledge, one of the top 50 albums and none of the classical works (G2, 13 September). I did see nine of the top 50 films and stormed up to 12 of the top 50 TV shows (G2, 16 September). Hoping to do better on the top books…
Caroline Cole
Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

• Regarding Carol Taylor’s query (Letters, 19 September) about how many of your top 20 plays could be seen outside London, we saw 11 of them in Sheffield – some were touring from London and others were Sheffield Theatres’ own productions. I scored much less well on the TV shows!
Joy Paul
Carlton in Lindrick, Nottinghamshire

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