Universities divesting from fossil fuels have made history, but the fight isn't over | Zamzam Ibrahim

Today student campaigners are celebrating the 77th university to divest, but we won’t stop fighting for climate justice

Today the student movement made history by announcing that more than half of UK universities have committed to divest from fossil fuel companies. Since 2012, students have campaigned to marginalise companies like Shell and BP which profit from climate breakdown.

The campaign, supported by the National Union of Students,People & Planet and Students Organising for Sustainability UK, has shown the power of students taking collective action. The University of Glasgow was the first UK university to divest in October 2014, and was soon followed by major divestments after sustained campaigns at institutions including Warwick, Sheffield, King’s College London, Edinburgh and Durham. The 50% mark was reached when the University of York became the 77th UK university to divest.

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Zamzam Ibrahim is the president of the National Union of Students

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