Washing line warrior: the architect who wants to get the neighbours singing

Casbahs in the high street, mews homes that combat loneliness, a monorail encircling London … meet Peter Barber, the architect putting the fun back into social housing

A row of great brick arches marches along a back street in Stratford, east London, framing the front doors to a row of new homes, as if a Victorian railway viaduct had mated with a Georgian terrace. This sturdy brick mass is an arresting sight to find among a jumble of 1960s council housing in Newham borough, rising four storeys to a crenellated top, giving it the fortified air of a casbah. Walking through one of the gaping vaulted archways into a central courtyard, you almost expect to find a lively souk of carpet sellers hawking their wares.

This is council housing as imagined by Peter Barber, one of the most original architects working today. Over the past decade he has built a reputation for his ingenious reinventions of traditional house types and his ability to craft characterful chunks of city out of unpromising sites. Where the rest of us might see a sliver of useless verge or a bit of leftover car park, Barber can imagine a row of back-to-backs or a cluster of cottages. He is a master of humane high-density, designing that rare thing: new housing that feels in tune with the grain of London, in the form of neither alienating slabs nor tacky towers, without resorting to pastiche.

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